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The Great Fitness Debate: Is it true that you can exercise too much?


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One Response to “The Great Fitness Debate: Is it true that you can exercise too much?”

  1. December 16th, 2015 at 11:23 am

    Larry Licklider says:

    Too much exercise? The question might imply overuse of cardiac or skeletal muscles and tendons with concomitant inflammatory processes. It is possible to ‘precondition’ these areas before exercising and lessen attendant problems of inflammation and overuse. An overlooked means of ‘preconditioning’ before exercise is simply to perform repetitive accelerations of body center-of-mass by bending ones’ ankles and knees to lower and lift COM. Performing these movements continuously, for as long as possible, is a simple means of increasing circulatory function via stretch and strain forces on vessel walls within circulatory pathways. The key to prolonging these movements while attending to other work and leisure tasks is to elicit autonomic function that prompts one to bend ankles and knees while storing the released (gravitational) energy via spring-action in order to assist autonomic function to straighten the knees and raise oneself again. Better Standing Company has brought forward a portable, affordable motion platform trainer so that anyone going to perform challenging athletic endeavors can maximize their ‘preconditioning’ prior to and following their principle exercise events of the day.

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