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Is Bruce Springsteen the new Gary Player?


Today is Bruce Springsteen’s 64th birthday, and below is a recent picture of Bruce at the beach in Rio.   I was never much of a Springsteen fan and never understood the whole Boss phenomenon until I went to a concert last year and saw him do 3-4 hours of nonstop music at Wrigley Field.   The music was outstanding and the energy was incredible.  The picture tells he must be doing something right to go that hard for that long in his 60s!




Simple Program

Evidently Springsteen has been following a simple fitness program for the last 30 years.  He alternates running 4-6 miles with strength training every other day.  He also watches what eats and is mostly vegetarian.  Incredibly, when you consider the entertainment world, he has been able to stay away from drugs.   He also finds places to exercise when he is on the road, for example he was spotted at a 24-Fitness in Portland, Oregon last year.


Parallels with Gary Player?

I have done a number of posts on the great golfer Gary Player who is still going strong as he approaches age 78 in a few months.   Both men are among the greatest performers in the history of the respective fields.  Both have essentially been on tour full time for decades.   Both exercise and watch what they eat.  Both find places to exercise when the logistics are not ideal.   Both have connected with their fans on a long term basis.  Both love what they do, and both keep pushing.   If you look at almost anything that has been written on healthy aging, both men are examples of what to do and how to age well.


Happy Birthday Bruce!

Here is to Bruce as he turns 64.  I urge his many fans to celebrate his birthday by following his example and getting a good workout in today!




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