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Hayden Smith Before & After

Here are a couple of vintage pictures of Hayden Smith who I mentioned earlier in the week.  These shots give you some idea about how his body changed as he made the ten pound transition from a speed/strength/power “fast-twitch” athlete in the middle 1970s to a 2:26 marathoner by the late 1970s.   His comments about the pictures are instructive.


Tucson Marathon 1975



“After the race I coached at the regional wrestling tournament for 8 hours.  Now I need a nap after a 5 miler.”


Eugene Marathon 1979 




“Little did I know Stoney (Dennis Stonehocker) had just missed qualifying (for the Olympic Trials) that day.  Blair (Johnson) was 2:16 or 2:17, Tom (Rotkis) was 2:23.  I spent the final 100 looking at the clock ticking in the 2:20’s.  Finally under 2:30:00!  I didn’t bother to kick (like the day we raced to the finish in the parking lot in Tucson).”


Denis Stonehocker and Tom Rotkis were part of our group of “sub-elite” marathoners in Tucson from that era.



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