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Huffington Post – Doping in the Olympics live chat

I was a guest on the Huffington Post’s live segment on doping in the Olympics.  Here is the link!



Women outnumber men in 2012 Olympics – KARE 11

I was on KARE-11 on Saturday morning sharing thoughts on women in the Olympics and tips for the general public to get started on their own athletic endeavors.  Click here to see the live segment.

Olympics Sports for Everyone

Over the weekend, I joined Medical Edge Radio to talk about what makes Olympics athletes so successful in their chosen sport.  We also discussed how we can enjoy a little Olympics-inspired athleticism in our own life.

You can listen to the full segment online.

What makes an elite athlete?

With the Olympics kicking off next week, I was on Minnesota Public Radio’s “The Daily Circuit” this morning for a discussion on the making of elite athletes.

You can listen to the 40-minute segment online.